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We are two artists with different backgrounds, one American, the other French, who met by chance thanks to the same passion for painting in general, and more precisely for the act of painting. At the beginning, and only for our personal pleasure, we started reproducing (rather than simply "copying") the paintings we loved. And after some time, carried by this passion, we realized that we were in the possession of a certain number of paintings, and that these paintings deserved to be shown. A first public exhibition consolidated us in this opinion and we eventually decided to create this website to propose them to a larger public. But we will never be industrialists in the reproduction field and therefore our purpose is not commercial as such.


Our adventure started with Modigliani whose art always fascinated us. It did not seem to us that Modigliani was granted the position he deserves and his works are dispersed in museums throughout the world and in many private collections. After the  Modigliani exhibit that was shown in Martigny, Switzerland, in 1990, we had to wait until the winter of 2002-2003 to see Modigliani's works on display again, this time in Paris. 

After that, we became much involved with Gustave Caillebotte  who seemed lesser known and somewhat neglected, but whose paintings have deeply marked us, and the same holds true for Berthe Morisot. It was only in 2002 in Lille (France) and 2006 in Lodeve (France) for Morisot, in 2005 in Lausanne (Switzerland) and 2008 in Bremen (Germany) for Caillebotte, that some great exhibits brought them back to the forefront. In accordance with the sensitivity of each of us, Manet the precursor, Van Gogh the visionary, the exotic Gauguin, Renoir, Pissarro  and of course Monet are also the subjects of our research and provide us with the models for our works. 

Whatever the case, we confine ourselves to the boundary of the French law (article L 123-1 of the Code of Intellectual Property), that is to say to only reproducing painters who passed away seventy years ago or more,  whose works now belong to the public domain. 


The architecture of our website has been designed for a fast and easy navigation. It evokes a ladder where each bar brings you to a more detailed view of our reproductions : a few words may nevertheless be useful to help you in the beginning ...

Click  N° 1  on a painter  in the summary or on the home page will bring to you a gallery where each of the original paintings that we reproduced is represented by a miniature.

Click N° 2 on any miniature will open a page showing a medium-size photo (for a fast navigation speed) of our reproduction, as well as some useful information and, often, a text signed by the author of this reproduction. At this stage, though you might have sufficient knowledge of the the painting, please go to the next step ... 

Click N° 3 on the medium-size photo of this page to show a full-screen  (600 x 900 pixels) picture of the reproduction. 


Contrary to what is  presented on most other websites offering reproductions, you can, with us, appreciate the fidelity and quality of our  work, because we propose only what we have already painted. 

Each reproduction, made on linen canvas with the best oilpaints, was preceded by a thorough study of the original work according to existing documentation and, whenever possible, by visual examination of the work in the museum where it hangs (Paris to start with, but also London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Zurich, etc). 

It is not rare that we spend several months on some reproductions to attain the authenticity we are seeking : if you wish, some detailed photographs will allow you to appreciate the result of our efforts to reproduce each painter's style, the paint layers and the brushstrokes, as truthfully as possible.


We consider the original signature to be a genuine part of the painting. We therefore care as much about the signature as about any other detail of the painting and  we reproduce it whenever it appears on the original. 

Our opinion is that it wouldn't be fair to replace the original signature with our own as  we don't dare pretend our work is entirely our creation : the back of each of our canvases clearly mentions that it is a reproduction and duly gives credit to the original author of the work.


We exhibit here the fruit of our work with no preconceived intention, except the rehabilitation, at our modest level, of the art of reproduction, which is a demanding activity that can take a prolonged length of time.

Our reproductions are available to any who can benefit from them, including private individuals, businesses, hotels and restaurants, professional decorators, cinema and TV industry, libraries, schools, cultural centers, public and  private exhibits and other special events. Some of the reproductions may no longer be available due to one reason or another ; the photos of them have, however, been left in place in their corresponding galleries, in order to show the quality of previous works and also to serve as references should anyone wish us to have these works reproduced a second time.

Should you be interested, please contact us by means of the questionnaire which you can open up by clicking the green A question please !  button on each reproduction page. In order to avoid spamming, we have been obliged  to remove our e-mail address from our site, so this questionnaire is the fastest and safest means to join us.

Please do not forget to type your e-mail address if a reply is desired !




All information as well as the images on this site can be downloaded, reproduced, or printed, providing that :

- they be used for personal purposes and in no way commercial,

- none of the material from this website be modified or altered in any way,

- all copies made from this material show the following mention : " copyright Art-Katroz ".

All other usage  is strictly forbidden without advance authorization in writing from Art-Katroz.

Katroz is a registered trademark.

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